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In today’s investment markets,

availability of alternative investment instruments that have diversified according to the risk appetites of investors has increased the importance of research and interpretation of market data. It has also made for more competent and accurate assessments during the decision-making process. The Research Unit provides the customers of Halk Invest with research products and services that are rich in content.

Halk Invest evaluates daily developments with an objective approach and helps its customers direct their investments with a long-term perspective. Interactions and connections among different markets are analyzed, and comparisons are presented in a simple and plain form.

Research reports take the pulse of the market.

By interpreting the global macroeconomic developments and their impacts on Turkey, as well as the latest developments in the national economy from a broad perspective, Halk Invest shares a current, accurate and reliable information flow through regular newsletters and reports. Halk Invest tries to reflect its objectives of analytically sharing its research activities and their outcomes via its reports and newsletters.

The dynamic Research Unit presents original, current and comprehensive reports.

The experienced staff of Halk Invest provide individual and corporate customers with research services on capital market instruments. The Analysts of Halk Invest combine macroeconomic projections with sector and company information to prepare comprehensive company reports for companies that are in its followers list. Such reports contain the analysts’ expectations about financial statements and trading suggestions.

Efficient access to companies and their economic units.

The Research Unit is able to efficiently reach senior executives from companies included in research and institutions such as the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and the Treasury, which take the pulse of the economy.