Treasury & Portfolio Brokerage

Investors who have decided to invest in fixed-income securities according to their risk preferences are presented with a wide range of products like private sector bonds, financing bonds, lease certificate (Sukuk) designed and authorized according to Islamic rules, in addition to traditional borrowing instruments like treasury bills and government bonds, and pricing is carried out. Competitive prices are also offered for the foreign currency borrowing instruments (eurobonds) issued abroad by the Turkish Government and Turkish Private Sector Companies to investors wanting to make their investments in foreign currency. The foreign government and private sector borrowing instruments have also been included in the product range via the recognized and powerful international investment banks cooperated abroad.

In the event that the account balances of investors are above TL 1,000 at the end of the day, they are automatically paid with repo unless a different preference is specified. The repo rates are determined on a daily basis according to market conditions and transactions in Borsa Istanbul Repo & Reverse Repo Market.

It is an application designed to respond to the urgent cash needs of investors. With this application, the possibility of instantly withdrawing the amount that will be credited to the account in return for the sale of stocks, without waiting for the T+2 day, has been provided. The limits determined for this service, which is applicable for Group A shares, and the daily commission amounts are published daily on the WEBsite. Transactions can be carried out through a customer representative or by the investor via the WEBsite.

Portfolio Brokerage

With the Portfolio Brokerage activity, pricing of the capital market instruments to be applied to the investor during the activity of fulfilling the trading orders of the investors concerning the capital market instruments as the counterparty is carried out.
It is also among the functions of the department to create and present new-generation financial products along with the standard products that are dominant in the sector to investors who want to be safeguarded from risk or invest in attractive conditions.
The Sales and Asset Management Department carries out one-on-one onsite meetings with qualified investors in the capital markets through all Halkbank branches, by using Halk Invest Directorate General, Halk Invest branches, and Halkbank's wide distribution network.