Mobile Solutions for Mobile Investors

We carry the world of investment to your mobile devices, with our mobile applications of Halk Invest Mobile, Halk Invest Borsa, and Halk Invest Trader. Via our applications, it is possible to conduct your investment transactions, keep track of instant data flows, access research reports and smart graphs, and do much more.


Enjoy the
comfort of managing your investments
whenever and whereever you want.

  • New Transaction Suggestions Every Day
  • Strategies
  • Smart Charts
  • Index 30 Company Performances
  • Award-Winning Surveys
  • And more...
  • Creating Pages up to Five
  • Easy Access to Research Reports
  • Scorecard Application for Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Scorecard Application for Balance Sheet Analysis
  • FOP Collateral Deposit-Withdrawal
  • Useful Interface
  • Detailed Technical Analysis
  • Fast Buy & Sell
  • Temperature Map
  • Voice Command Feature
  • Pivot and Technical Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • And more...