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Equity Markets

Halk Invest has an advanced technological infrastructure that makes it possible for its customers to carry out their Share (Stock Certificate) purchase-sale transactions in a fast and safe manner. Halk Invest differs in its service quality with its ease of access to current and objective data regarding the markets and its efficiency in its order transmission process.

Margin Trading Transactions are a suitable option for the investors who expect a price rise throughout the market or in the shares, which they determine, but do not want to transfer more funds to their portfolio. If shares are but no cash is available in your account and you still want to make a purchase, the solution is a credit against share security.

Our customers are provided with loans in return for the portfolios they have, at the shares determined by Halk Invest and in proportion to their portfolios, within the framework of the criteria designated in accordance with the legislation.

Short Selling Transaction option is presented for investors who request the sale of unowned capital market instruments or the placement of an order for the sale. At the same time, fulfillment of the exchange obligation concerning the sale with borrowed capital market instruments is taken into account as a Short Selling Transaction.

In Equity Market transactions, a Lending Transaction means the process of giving back a share owned by the lender to the borrower in exchange for a certain period and commission and repurchase of the respective share by the lender at the end of a determined period.

All rights like a right to prefer and dividends of the loaned shares along with the Lending Transaction belong to the lender and no change on the proprietorship of the shares takes place.

For receiving information about our competitive commission ratios and for all your Equity Market transactions, you can contact us via “Private Transaction Center” (444 HALK) through a total of seven Turkey-wide branches and you can conduct your Equity Market transactions from the internet branch and mobile devices; shortly, anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, you can keep track of the Equity or Futures and Options Market securities instantly.

Equity Market:

With the T+0 Application, which was put into service to meet urgent cash needs, the amount to be acquired in exchange for a sale of shares (stock certificates) can be withdrawn or transferred on the T+1 day or T+0 day (same day) without waiting for the T+2 day.

1.000 TL 24.999 TL 40 TL
25.000 TL 49.999 TL 80 TL
50.000 TL 74.999 TL 120 TL
75.000 TL 99.999 TL 160 TL
100.000 TL 124.999 TL 200 TL
125.000 TL 149.999 TL 240 TL
150.000 TL 174.999 TL 280 TL
175.000 TL 199.999 TL 320 TL
200.000 TL 224.999 TL 360 TL
225.000 TL 249.999 TL 400 TL
250.000 TL 274.999 TL 440 TL
275.000 TL 299.999 TL 480 TL
300.000 TL 324.999 TL 520 TL
325.000 TL 349.999 TL 560 TL
350.000 TL 374.999 TL 600 TL
375.000 TL 399.999 TL 640 TL
400.000 TL 424.999 TL 680 TL
425.000 TL 449.999 TL 720 TL
450.000 TL 474.999 TL 760 TL
475.000 TL 500.000 TL 800 TL
Futures and Options Market (FOP) Futures Agreement

Futures agreements (futures) is a contract that imposes an obligation to purchase or sell commodity, value, or financial indicator at a standardized quantity and quality on a specified date, at the price agreed today, on the parties of the agreement.