Corporate Finance

Halk Invest Corporate Finance and Advisory provides brokerage and financial consultancy services to its customers in financial transactions such as public offerings, debt securities issuances, Islamic capital market products (Sukuk / lease certificates), local and international company mergers and acquisitions, privatization transactions, block sales, etc.

The combined volume of 98 transactions carried out by Halk Invest in 2020, has reached to TRL 19.1 billions. , 31 of these transactions were sukuk (TRL 3.2 billions), while 67 of them were conventional debt instrument (TRL 15.9 billions) issuances.

Public Offerings
While public offerings provide cost-effective capital for companies, they also provide benefits within the framework of institutionalization and increased recognition by lenders and investors.
In order to maximize the company value, Halk Invest; provides consultancy services to companies at each stage of the public offering process; such as:
  • setting timing of the public offering,
  • necessary amendments to articles of association,
  • management relations with the Capital Market Boards (CMB) and Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIAŞ)
  • valuation of company, etc.
Private Sector Debt Instrument Issues
Depending on the macroeconomic trends and the investment climate of the capital markets, private debt instrument market is expected to keep its momentum.
Halk Invest, utilizing the power stemming from its main shareholder, carries out brokerage services in sale and public offering of debt instruments within the framework of capital markets legislation with its experienced staff.
Issuance of Islamic Capital Market Products (Sukuk/Lease Certificate Issues)
Issuance of Islamic Capital Market Products is a method of providing funds in accordance with the principles of Islamic Finance; which basically built on the right to own or benefit from a certain asset, issued by an Islamic Asset Management Company to finance all kinds of assets and / or transactions suitable to Shariah Board rules.
Halk Invest provides consultancy and brokerage services to companies at all stages; including deal structuring ,cost calculations of Sukuk certificates, and post sale transactions. The issuance of Sukuk certificates carried out through Halk Invest, since the beginning of 2018 is made through Halk VKŞ, which was established on 03.10.2017 to issue those certificates.
Mergers and Acquisitions
In the global financial environment, one of the most frequently used methods by companies to grow and globally compete in line with their corporate strategies while strengthening their capital structure is merger and acquisitions.
A successful merger and acquisition transaction; requires to combine factors such as extensive company valuations, scenario and risk analysis, funding the process with the right resources, creating synergy, as well as examining the cultural fit of human resources and values of the companies subject to the transaction. Halk Invest's Corporate Finance and Advisory Department has established a certain high quality experience in this segment. It establishes long-term relationships with its customers and provides financial consultancy in areas such as asset purchase & sale, reorganization and restructuring. Halk Invest; provides consultancy services on M&A transactions, which is a critical resource for companies, that don’t prefers IPOs or financial debt.