Crowdfunding Platform and Venture Capital Advisory

Fonlabüyüsün, an equity-based crowdfunding platform operating under Halk Investment has been licensed by Capital Markets Board of Turkey (“CMB”, as of September 30th , 2021.

The Platform provides access to capital as well as publicity and visibility the startups and their entrepreneurs while providing high quality Venture Capital deal flow to individual investors. As a platform that primarily focuses on deep tech startups in the early stages of their cycle, Fonlabüyüsün provides growth capital exclusively for high-tech startups:

  1. targeting global market,
  2. B2B focused,
  3. innovative engineering solutions and industrial product / service providers,
  4. centered around sustainability and circular economy,
  5. close or within the commercial scale up stage of their life cycles.

Fonlabüyüsün aims to support the startups from early stage to their follow up rounds until the final exit round.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Advisory

Halk Investment provides consultancy services to early stage startups during the crowdfunding and investment rounds. In order to contribute the quality of exports in Turkey by improving the qualified workforce and the added value in production, it is aimed to encourage individual / corporate and global investors to invest deep tech startups in Turkey.

Representing Turkish enterprises in the global market and attracting the attention of private equity and venture capital investors are among the main purposes of Halk Investment. In this context, a Venture Capital Investment Fund, Fonlabüyüsün GSYF, was established on 03.11.2021.