444 42 55

Halk Investment Domestic Branches and Special Transaction Center Unit has been structured on the activities of the Branches, Private Transaction Center and Electronic Platforms, and Data Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Center to serve from every point of Turkey.

The Unit has a wide customer base, with the advantage of Halkbank's widespread distribution network and it responds to the needs of our customers with its branches located in seven different spots of Turkey, being Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Denizli, İzmir, and Samsun, and with its experienced, trained, knowledgeable, and expert staff.

In this frame, it brings together a large investor mass with the markets through the branches and Special Transaction Center in conformity with its Investment Consultancy activities.

The Private Transaction Center provides service to all calling customers throughout Turkey on the phone number of 444 42 55 and it becomes the visible face of Halk Invest, along with its expert staff.

The Department of Electronic Platforms, Data Analysis, and Customer Satisfaction Center conduct studies to fulfill investor expectations.

Halk Invest makes use of technology in the most effective manner to facilitate access of investors to the markets. With the strong infrastructure of the Internet branch, orders can be transmitted to the markets fast and securely.

Halk Invest brings the investment world and investors together with mobile devices via Halk Invest Mobile, Halk Invest Borsa, and Halk Invest Trader mobile applications.

Investors can easily carry out investment transactions, keep track of instant data flows, and access research reports and many different investment consultancy analyzes via the applications. Halk Invest adds value to financial literacy with its mobile solutions as well.

Investors are able to use electronic platforms comfortably whenever and wherever they want in order to make use of their savings in a healthy manner. Halk Invest continues to be the smart financial assistant of investors with new generation mobile platforms and conducts all kinds of study that will enable them to make the right investments.