Investment Consultancy

It facilitates taking of investors' final decisions with its spearheading suggestions that include financial solutions and recommendations to fulfill the expectations of investors.

In addition to the informative activities and person-specific analyzes it offers to customers and sales teams through its qualified capital market products, it has contributed to the development of financial literacy, with the Smart Suggestion System (SSS) and Stock Exchange League it put into service in 2020.

The Smart Suggestion System (SSS) is a system which was created to be offered to Halk Invest customers and in which all financial market information and analysis, as well as all modules that can help in making investment decisions, are brought together in one place. With this system, the target was set to increase the number of investors in the capital markets, help existing investors develop their knowledge in all matters of financial services, and ensure their success in investment decisions.

Halk Invest; your Investment Consultancy Agreement is in an Electronic Environment!
Fill in the eligibility test by accessing our internet branch, confirm the information form, and sign your agreement. Access our Investment Consultancy services and all modules of the Smart Suggestion System (SSS) from wherever you are, without needing for a physical action. To access your agreement from our internet branch, click on the "Take Eligibility Test" button under the heading "Compliance."