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In today's investment markets, the presence of alternative investment instruments diversifying according to investors’ risk appetite has increased the importance of the competency to interpret and correctly assess research and market information in a decision-making process. With its Research Unit, the Halk Invest customers are presented with research products and services with strong content.

Halk Invest provides the opportunity of directing their investments in a long-term perspective to its customers, by evaluating the developments of the day through an objective approach. In the analyses, the interaction and connections between different markets are evaluated and the required comparisons are presented in a lean and easily understandable manner.

Research reports test the pulse of the market.

Halk Invest, which evaluates global macroeconomic developments and their impacts on Turkey, as well as developments in the national economy from a broad viewpoint, shares up-to-date, accurate, and reliable information by way of regular bulletins and reports. Halk Invest endeavors to reflect its objectives on research activities and share their results with an analytical approach in its reports and bulletins.

With its dynamic structure, the Research Unit presents original, up-to-date, and comprehensive reports.

Halk Invest provides research services oriented to capital market instruments to individual and corporate customers through its experienced employees. Halk Invest Analysts draw up comprehensive company reports for companies on its watch list by blending macroeconomic estimates with sector and company information. The expectations of the analysts concerning financial tables and their trading suggestions are included in the reports in question.

Effective access to companies and economic units

Halk Invest Research Unit provides Banks and their in-house units, branches, and customers with the information support that contains conveyance of market information in an accurate and timely manner, follow-up and analysis of the trends of the global and internal macroeconomic dynamics, generation of projections about the outlook of the economy and financial markets, and analysis and estimations. 

The Research Unit’’s target is that the use of resources through more efficient and competitive products and services will continue also by means of the support of the buttressed technological infrastructure. The expansion process of the scope of the research will continue to develop within the framework of this main objective.