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Corporate Values
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At Halk Invest;

We operate with a customer-oriented, market-based, dynamic and innovative approach in capital markets. We appreciate our employees and believe in the power of teamwork. We consider it as a principle to be committed to operate in compliance with the laws, corporate governance principles and ethical values, and in an objective and impartial manner.


At Halk Invest, we use ground-breaking practices to develop capital markets based on our efficiency- and confidence-focused business model. Halk Invest works rigorously to improve our products and services, which offer integrity and quality.


Halk Invest is aware that financial literacy is critical to the development of capital markets, and aims to provide financial solutions to investors of every segment as simply as possible.


Halk Invest follows the latest technological development and continuously improves its infrastructure platforms to provide customers with a safe and fast service across all digital platforms


We consider projects that are compatible with our mission and contribute to environmental sustainability an essential part of our social responsibility concept.

With an effectiveness and efficiency-focused business model, we aim to become a leading global Turkish company as the capital markets arm of Halk Group.