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Human Resources Policy

Halk Invest is aware that qualified labor force plays a strategic role in finance sector. As such, we make great efforts to continuously improve and develop our human resources management. The company’s human resources policy aims to continuously improve the individual and team performance. It also offers a professional environment and career development opportunities to employees through the processes and systems that are designed to improve quality for the purpose of using the current human resources in the most effective and efficient manner.

Halk Invest designs and executes the recruitment, career planning, performance management processes and training programs for personal and professional development of its employees with a particular focus on productivity

Career planning is based on the employees’ performance throughout the period. It is also contingent upon their behavioral and professional competencies, professional knowledge and skills, and administrative capacity within the framework of the human resources regulation

At Halk Invest, wage management is based on an objective pay scale prepared on the basis of the job values and current conditions for each position. Pay scale is rearranged and implemented to the wages of the employees based on the periodic performance results in January each year.

The training policy offers employees the chance to take part in training and seminar programs in Turkey and/or abroad. It factors in career planning and required qualities, so as to ensure personal and professional development of the employees of any title group.

The company aims to recruit qualified employees for open positions based on the staff planning as per the company objectives